Application Specific Vulnerabilities

A specific application can be anything from a video game to a web server. Masters can write these
programs or they could be written by amateurs, one is never quite sure. For every operating system there is
a user with a different set of needs, so application vulnerabilities typically don’t affect everybody.
However, this doesn’t mean millions of people still cannot be effected (consider a flaw in Microsoft
Internet Explorer, and how many people that would effect.)
Flaws in applications, like flaws in operating systems, are of the highest speed of execution but require a
more personalized touch than does straight operating system vulnerabilities. Sometimes the flaw might not
manifest itself until a condition of use occurs, making actual automation difficult. However, the critical
interaction required by the attacker is locating specifically which computers run the targeted application.
Here is an example of an application (in this case, the LARN game that comes bundled with many versions
of the BSD operating system), programmed accidentally with a vulnerability, that allows administrator
access to the host.
Sample Vulnerability [LARN bug, Discoverer: Snocrash, BSD 4.4]
          If a person scores 263 point in larn, it causes the system to
          mail the user. The process of mailing the user causes a
          potential IFS vulnerability which can be used to exploit root

This attack is not “instant” although this particular example was meant to show that non-automated
situations do exist. Keep in mind that the Vulnerability Map is an approximation of expected time and

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w3af: Better, Stronger, Faster

w3af: Better, Stronger, Faster: "

Since our latest release back in November, the w3af team has focused on making the framework better, stronger and faster. By downloading this release you’ll be able to enjoy new vulnerability checks, more stable code and a about 15% performance boost in the overall speed of your scan. Here’s what’s new:

  • Now using bloom filters instead of sqlite3 databases, which are persistent on disk, effectively increasing scan performance by about 15%!

  • Fixed most of the bugs that cause w3afMustStopExceptions and wrote debugging code to allow us to identify the remaining ones.

  • Based on many community requests we’ve updated our XML output plugin and wrote an XSD file to help other tools parse the output from our scanner.

  • Added new plugin to measure the number of hops for port 80 vs 443 and perform a comparison. Which is useful to identify load balancers, reverse proxies and any other network appliances.

TCP/IP distance to target

On top of that, we’ve also worked on writing unit tests and a continuous integration system that we’ll use for testing our code each night. When we complete this task, we’ll be able to deliver high quality code on each release, with fewer bugs and no regressions.

As usual, you can find the download link on the website, where you’re going to be able to find videos, users’ guide and much more.


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Found User Information:

It is a real fun to find user’s information over the net.
However, it is not so easy to find them. One has to really dig very deep and do
a lot of experiments for the same. The techniques defined here gives just a
primary idea about how to go ahead if one is interested in finding such

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